Graduate and Vacation Students
Two men working on Buzwagi Site


"What career direction do I take?" is one of the toughest questions graduates have to make.

That's why, through our Graduate Development Programme, we give graduates the opportunity to develop a variety of skills within your chosen discipline and get exposure to work on international and national projects across various commodities.

At the same time, we offer a mentoring scheme, which presents an opportunity to gain advice, encouragement and support from a more experienced person.

We think our approach assists development and growth on both a professional and personal level, broadens your understanding of our business and allows you to thrive in your new engineering environment.

Site visits are also part of the graduate program. We feel that visiting our construction sites is invaluable as it is important to physically see what you have designed.

Furthermore, through partnership with Engineers Australia, Lycopodium offers second year graduates the opportunity to gain chartered status through our Professional Development Programme, which provides support through workshops, continuous assessment, mentoring, feedback and counselling.

Lycopodium also places great emphasis on training. We provide in-house and on-the-job training, external training and tuition aid to keep you at the top of your chosen field. We also provide opportunities to attend conferences and seminars and encourage and assist your membership of professional bodies.

And whilst you're gaining your degree, we are active sponsors of many groups within the universities. Current support includes the University Engineers Club at UWA and the sponsorship of a Design Centre within the new Integrated Learning Centre at UWA.





Vacation Students

The Lycopodium Vacation Student Program runs for a period of twelve weeks over the summer university break between December and February each year. During your placement you will be allocated to a Senior Engineer who will provide you with practical work experience to complement your area of study.

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