Tank Farms

Solvent Tank Farm Upgrade

Coode Island Redevelopment

ARF Remedial Works

  • DuluxGroup Australia
  • Queensland, Australia

Engineering services for the recovery of a solvent based manufacturing facility tankfarm and truck loading following flood damage. Works included upgrades to improve integrity, operability and safety.

  • Marstel Terminals
  • Victoria, Australia

Detailed design and installation of a chemical storage facility, including ship and road tanker loading facilities.

  • ARF Limited
  • South Australia

Evaluation of fire damage sustained by facility, EPCM responsibility for the  plant rebuild. Scope included process, mechanical, electrical, structural and civil engineering works.

Fisherman's Landing Caustic Terminal

Alcohol Storage Tank

Acid Tank Farm Replacement Nitrocellulose Area

  • Orica Australia
  • Queensland, Australia

Project management, detailed design, procurement and construction management services for a 70 kt capacity 50% Caustic Soda Storage Terminal.

  • BCB Beverages
  • Victoria, Australia

Design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of a new alcohol storage tank farm for the production of alcoholic mixed drinks in cans and bottles.

  • Thales Australia
  • New South Wales, Australia

Project management, design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of a facility to store spent and recovered acid.

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