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Oct 22, 2008

Rebranding New Corporate Image


Engineering consultancy, Lycopodium Limited announces changes taking place within the Lycopodium group of companies.

From 3 November 2008, subsidiary company names will change to be consistent with the sector in which they operate, rather than the function that they perform. This will bring the subsidiary companies in line with their clients who are generally commodity or sector based.

To achieve this consistency, the following name changes are to be made:

  • Lycopodium Engineering Pty Ltd will be changed to Lycopodium Minerals Pty Ltd
  • Lycopodium Engineering QLD Pty Ltd will be changed to Lycopodium Minerals QLD Pty Ltd
  • Process Design and Fabrication Pty Ltd will be changed to Lycopodium Process Industries Pty Ltd.

The service framework and existing network of management offices will not be affected by this change and all ABN numbers and all other company names will remain unchanged.

Orway Mineral Consultants (WA) Pty Ltd (‘OMC’) will continue with its current branding due to the specialist nature of its work and particular client base. As Sherwood Utilities Pty Ltd (‘SUPL’) is an associate company and not a subsidiary, it will also continue as before.

Mark Ward, Managing Director of Lycopodium Limited, said that over the past few years there had been much growth and diversification within the Lycopodium Group and the need to have consistent branding across the various operating companies had increased.

“We feel that a consistent corporate image will not only enhance brand recognition in the market, but will be advantageous in our relationships with clients and suppliers. Rebranding in such a way will provide benefits for the Lycopodium group of companies on an individual company and a group basis.”

“As our new letterhead shows, we have used this rebranding as an opportunity for the company to refresh and update its visual corporate image.”

“Over the years that the company has been in operation, Lycopodium has developed a strong, valuable brand and our unusual name has become widely recognised. We feel more focus on our name and use of it as a graphic identity across the Lycopodium companies will be beneficial.”