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Mar 10, 2009

Lycopodium Minerals Senior Management Changes

Lycopodium continues to expand its services across a broadening sector and client base and in order to support these initiatives is making changes to the roles of two Executive Directors.

Since inception, Lycopodium has been active in infrastructure study and project delivery in association with mining projects where Lycopodium was engaged to deliver the minerals processing plant.  As the company developed, infrastructure expertise widened and Lycopodium now undertakes infrastructure related work beyond that attached to Lycopodium designed process plants and the minerals sector. New growth opportunities exist in this field for Lycopodium within Australia and internationally, and new sectors in which Lycopodium is currently active, such as Concentrated Solar Power, are gaining momentum.

Due to the importance of this expanding infrastructure sector to Lycopodium, and his increasing involvement with this particular business sector, Mr Rod Leonard has taken on the role of leading this initiative for the company. In order to allow Rod to focus on these new demands, Rod has relinquished the role of Managing Director of Lycopodium Minerals Pty Ltd to Mr Peter De Leo. Rod will remain on the Board of Lycopodium Minerals and will continue to provide his valued expertise to the minerals business whilst focussing his attention on expanding infrastructure opportunities. Rod remains on the Boards of Lycopodium Limited and Orway Mineral Consultants (WA) Pty Ltd.

Rod, one of the original founders of Lycopodium, has been key to the growth of Lycopodium and in particular Lycopodium Minerals, and has brought a range of skills to the company including business development, risk management, minerals process engineering, and general company management.  Rod is well suited to apply his broad skills to the expanding infrastructure sector within Lycopodium.  The Board of Directors wishes to express their appreciation to Rod for his highly valued contribution to the success of the company.

Peter De Leo is currently an executive director of Lycopodium Limited and Lycopodium Minerals Pty Ltd and previously held the position of General Manager Operations within Lycopodium Minerals. Peter brings a broad range of skills and knowledge within the minerals sector and his demonstrated expertise leaves him well positioned to fulfil the important role of Managing Director for Lycopodium Minerals.

The Board wishes both Rod and Peter the utmost success in their future roles in continuing to build Lycopodium.


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